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How to start fencing

You always have the opportunity to join us for a no-obligation trial lesson.

This is where you get the opportunity to meet the coaches, get a tour of the facilities, and of course try the sport.

Before you attend training for the first time, however, there are some practical things you need to know.

Clothes / equipment

It is important that you have clothes on that you can move in. We do not go into fashion much, so you can be completely confident in showing up in the clothes you feel most comfortable in.

However, we require that you wear long pants and indoor shoes.

Equipment is borrowed from the club the first few times, after which you can rent the equipment or choose to acquire your own.


You must wear a sensible training t-shirt, preferably sweat-transporting.


You must wear long loose training pants. If you only have thights, then they should be long and you should have shorts on the outside.


You must wear indoor shoes. It can be cleaned running shoes, but we do not recommend it as they wear out quickly. Shoes for indoor sports are generally recommended.


It gets hard and you get to sweat, so a towel is a really good idea to bring.

Water bottle

You will need something to drink during the workout and therefore you need to have a water bottle with you. We do not allow you to drink from the tap, so if you have forgotten it, you can borrow a mug.


When you meet for training, the instructor / trainer will review the safety rules as well as the most important rules and guidelines.

Please note

  • Fencing is a sport and we expect you to participate in that spirit.
  • When you participate in a trial class, you enter on an equal footing with the other athletes.
  • We recommend the use of contact lenses if you are dependent on glasses, as wearing glasses under the mask can be both challenging and involve a risk.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot offer you training if you have a chest/waist measurement of more than 124/110 cm, unless you have your own equipment.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to take special consideration of people with a mental or physical disability.
  • We advise against choosing fencing as your sport if you have problems with your joints.
  • Participation is at your own risk.

Come prepared

Although we'll cover some cool and interesting tricks, grasping the essential basics can be very helpful.

Below you will find explainers of the three weapons that make up modern sports fencing, all of which you can learn when joining us.

Take a look if you get the time - although it may not be everything that makes sense here and now, we guarantee that it will when you start to practice it.




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