Rudersdal Open - God start for klubbens B&U fægtere

Lucia Castelli modtager coaching fra klubbens cheftræner Malte Trier Mørch

Stævnerapporten her er skrevet på engelsk, da forfatteren ikke taler dansk.

This past week-end in Birkerød the first B&U tournament of the season took place: The traditional Rudersdal Open competition to finally open the new fencing season. A two-day event with all the three weapons represented and with several young fencers giving their best and feeling again the piste and the competition after the summer break. Trekanten has been represented by 9 fencers for Foil and Epee supported by the coaches Malte and Sophus and with contribution of Amir as Trekanten referee for both days (thank you all!!!). Trekanten once again came out of the two-day as a very successful club with quite a few wins, we would like everyone to cheer-up with:

Marius Andersen - Silver, fleuret U10 boys

Simon Quistgaard, Gold, epee, U17 boys 

Frode Vaaben - Gold Foil U14 Boys

Marius Zimmermann Bramow and Elvis Munk, bronze, U14 boys

Xiang Tian Liu - Gold Foil U12 Girls

Afshin Nabatifar - Gold Foil U12 Boys

Lucia Castelli - Silver Foil U14 Girls

Lucia Castelli - Silver Foil Cadet Girls


We are now ready for the next and one of the most important competition of the season, the one we host: see you everybody this coming weekend at the Trekanten International.